Zug/Val d`Isere 17.12.2016

Ilka Štuhec won with Hilotherm

Ilka Štuhec won for the fourth time in 2016 in the womens World Cup race, in the second double (downhill and combined).

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Would a face-lift bring back the real me?

After losing half her body weight, Karen Hogan was left with sagging skin, deep lines and droopy eyes.

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Plastic Surgery Recovery: Hilotherapy Helps Healing

It’s a healing system that circulates cold water through adaptable cuffs that can fit most parts of the body – reducing swelling. It can also be used for migraine headache relief.

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You won't leave a mark on me, Valuev

The trash-talking Londoner needs to silence the knockers when he challenges for the Russian's WBA crown in Nuremberg and is making sure he'll look pretty in and out of the ring.

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Sao Paulo 21.05.2015

Presse Release: Sao Paulo, Hospitalar

Hilotherm, in order to consolidate the concept of thermo treatment for post trauma recovery in Brazil, Hilotherm Holding AG/Switzerland and Hilotherapia Brasil in partnership with FlexMedical will support scientific studies to be conducted at universities and hospitals within the next months in the following specific areas.

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Boxing Reveals Knock-out Ways to Help Combat Cuts and Bruises

Haye used cutting-edge technique Hilotherapy to get back to form after suffering an injury in June.

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Masked Fighter

Haye, 29, from Bermondsey, used the Hilotherapy technique to stop his face from swelling after the title fight in Nuremberg against “Beast from the East” Nikolai Valuev on Saturday. 

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Termine 2018


Stuttgarter Advanced Course Rhynoplastic

Marienhospital – Schulungszentrum
Eierstrasse 55  
70199 Stuttgart

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26.– 28.04.2018

Frühjahrsakademie VDÄPC 2018 Dresden

Hotel Taschenbergpalais Kempinski
Taschenberg 3
01067 Dresden

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Sylter Symposium für ästhetische Zahnmedizin

A-ROSA Sylt 
Listlandstraße 11 
25992 List/Sylt

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Kongress der GGMKG Dresden

ICC - Internationales Congress Center Dresden

Ostra-Ufer 2
01067 Dresden

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Jahrestagung der DGPRÄC und VDÄPC Bochum

RuhrCongress Bochum
Stadionring 20
44791 Bochum

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Jahrestagung der GÄCD Köln

Hyatt Regency Hotel Köln
Kennedy-Ufer 2a
50679 Köln

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